26 Jul Moving Beyond the Safety Performance Plateau

To improve safety performance in any industry there is typically a  progression through a number of phases, each with different  characteristics. In simplistic terms, the major phases are: Eliminating intrinsically unsafe conditions This phase tends to focus on physical conditions, tools, and equipment, and involves looking for...

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26 Jul Contractor Safety

The importance of the Quality of Interactions between Company Representatives and their Contractors Contractor safety has been a hot topic for many years. This increased focus has resulted in legislation around the world clarifying safety obligations of companies and contractors and an increase in the number...

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04 Dec Internal vs. External – Training, Coaching and Development Programs

Many companies wrestle with choices around whether they will be better off using internal resources for training, coaching and development programs versus using external consultants. Based on our team’s 50 years of experience in Performance Coaching and Leadership Development both as consultants and as operations executives who have had to decide when to use consultants, we have found distinct trends and key factors which influence the decision making process. To explore this topic it is helpful to distinguish between 3 different areas where the choice of using internal or external resources may be appropriate.
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22 Jan Frustration with Unproductive Burden

We have all heard the complaint about too many meetings, unproductive conference calls, pointless reporting, administrative busy work etc.   On the other hand, even the strongest critic will acknowledge that a degree of these forms of administrative activity are necessary. In our view the simple problem...

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14 Jan Front Line Employees and Engagement

Many employees have experienced situations in their careers where they felt truly engaged in the activities of the organization.  Similarly, many people have experience the feeling of disengagement.  In most cases the differences between engaged and dis-engaged organizations are found at either senior or middle...

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