Leadership Acceleration

Leadership Acceleration is the art and science of facilitating and unleashing people’s potential in order to reach meaningful and important organizational objectives. It is critical to remember that true leadership development is not a single event, knowledge gap, or leadership training program that many organizations deem necessary, but, rather, it is a process carried out over time.

Successful leadership activities and behaviours have to become embedded as consistent daily habits applied at the workplace. Through leadership training, coaching, and experiential learning, we provide all levels of leadership, from the boardroom to the frontline, with the specific core leadership capabilities, tools, and behaviours required to drive your priorities, culture, and business results.

The Value

“Leader” at any level is the most important job on the planet. And that job has a much bigger impact on people than they often realize. The importance of developing talent that can guide successful performance is crucial for any company or team. The most common barrier to transformational success is changing behaviors, mindsets, and attitudes. A well-honed set of leadership skills can make that process feel seamless and positive.

Highly functional leaders:

  • Model the behavior they want to see and connect with the people they lead
  • Create alignment and ensure everyone is working towards a common goal
  • Involve their employees and positively impact the behaviours of their people
  • Proactively manage workplace conflict and generational issues
  • Engage employees while creating a culture of accountability
  • Increase employee retention while decreasing absenteeism
  • Improve productivity results by creating a more skilled workforce and team
  • Improve financial results by improving business literacy, cost control, and decision making


Our Approach

We believe that truly successful leadership activities and behaviours have to become embedded as consistent daily habits applied in the workplace. Therefore, The Engine Room takes a scientifically-proven, blended learning approach to Leadership Development that includes a combination of Training, Coaching, and Experiential Learning. This yields productivity increases almost four times the level achieved by training alone.




Training: The Engine Room training courses are based on best practices and geared to different levels of leadership. Our focus is to train in digestible chunks, so as not to overwhelm participants. By employing short bursts of training (2 to 4 hours), it does not significantly disrupt the activities of staff being trained. Each training session includes instruction, participation, case studies, application, and plans for the participants to put the theory into practice. Case studies are based on actual examples the client organization practices that are operational and integral to the work. A full list of leadership training courses and topics is available upon request.

Coaching: The purpose of one-on-one coaching is to embed the critical behaviors needed for a leader to be successful in their role. In some cases, those behaviours are introduced in a classroom setting. In other cases, they are introduced by direct facilitation on the job with the goal of ensuring participants are applying the tools to their unique situation. In other words, we watch people in action (e.g. attending meetings that they direct, discuss specific issues they are dealing with, etc.), and provide them with very specific feedback on how well they have mastered the skills they have been taught. We then coach to enhance their skills where necessary. This direct on-the-job intervention aspect of leadership development is very critical in ensuring that new behaviors being taught are actually mastered and used.

Executive Coaching: The Engine Room’s award-winning coaches have the experience and expertise to quickly grasp a leader’s situation, challenge assumptions and choices, and bring credible, fresh ideas to the table. We help our clients advance towards specific professional goals. These include career transition, interpersonal and professional communication, performance management, organizational effectiveness, career management, development of executive presence, enhancing strategic thinking, dealing effectively with conflict, and building an effective team within an organization. Our executive coaches will allow your executives and teams to maximize their potential and reach performance breakthroughs.

Experiential Learning: Experiential learning is the process of learning through experience, and is more specifically defined as “learning through doing”. We strongly believe in experiential learning, or an action-learning approach, as a necessary complement to classroom training. This approach contributes significantly to employees’ overall understanding of their real-time environment, and, most importantly, learning retention is greatly increased. True leadership development training requires a commitment to focus on changes in leaders’ habits. Experiential learning through active engagement empowers them to apply their knowledge in relevant work situations.


Expected Results

It is critical to remember that true leadership development is a process carried out over time. Leadership behaviours must become embedded as consistent daily habits in the workplace. By driving leadership growth across key management sectors of your organization, you will immediately witness a notable impact in the following ways:

  • Improved execution and accountability of the key work activities that drive your business
  • Increased clarity of roles, expectations, and responsibilities
  • Improved individual and cascading communication at all levels of the workforce
  • Increased trust, involvement, ownership, and engagement towards the priorities of the organization
  • Improvements in bottom-line efficiencies, including decision-making, cost control, and business literacy

Your leaders are your edge. Inspiring leadership is the key ingredient in a highly engaged workforce. And a highly engaged workforce is a distinct competitive advantage that provides the most significant return for your business. The facts are compelling:




What can you take from this? If we believe that employee engagement can create sustainable competitive advantage, then organizations must have a strategy to continuously improve it. Sustained employee engagement is certainly not possible without high quality leadership at every level of an organization.