Mining Sector


One of Canada’s largest diversified mining companies was facing increased production targets and a shortfall on current targets with over 40% of leaders new to their roles. Coupled with a challenging safety record, increased understanding of company objectives and improved operational performance was required.


By conducting an Operational Diagnostic to identify the root causes of performance limitations including business strategy, leadership effectiveness, management system implementation, ability to execute, ability to measure performance and business process issues, a finite set of priorities were established and executed against.

Using a multidisciplinary approach of targeted frontline leadership coaching focused on work execution, process improvement, management system implementation and enhanced use of data, our coaches supported this organization in exceeding their performance expectations through:

  • Proactively dealing with performance issues and challenging circumstances
  • Creating a sense of urgency surrounding achieving production targets and goals
  • Aligning key work activities to the priorities of the business
  • Front-line leadership development – Training and Coaching
  • Communication and understanding of metric targets with the workforce
  • Streamlining the communication from executive to management to the workforce
  • Improving decision making and understanding field objectives
  • New foremen technical and coaching skill development
  • Providing support in managing administrative burdens and field priorities
  • Improving workforce relations – collaboration between leaders and the workforce
  • Improved inter-departmental relations – collaboration between different departments


  • Lost Time Incident reduction of 75%.
  • 4% increase in labour utilization supporting $ 4.5 million in savings improvements.
  • 14% improvement for in-service date compliance.
  • 17% improvement in emergent trouble response.
  • 3% reduction in over-time labour costs.
  • Improved frontline leadership business literacy, focus on safety, ownership of results, accountability for utilization, planning, scheduling and budget management.